5 Things Inspiring Me: September 2023

5 Things Inspiring Me: September 2023

Hi friend! We’re nearing the end of September and I’m in complete denial that summer is almost over (it’s officially over 9/23 😭). I suppose at least over here in SoCal, the weather will continue to be warm for a few more weeks… Let’s make the most out of it!


1. Earlier this month I released my Summer ‘23 Collection! Thanks to everyone that supported. Here’s a Reel showing some behind the scenes of me packing the goods.

2. Last week I married my best friend and college sweetheart, Wesley! We did a civil ceremony at SF City Hall, went to see Iam Tongi perform live in Santa Rosa, and celebrated with family in Sacramento. Take a peek at some of my photos.

Alright, now lets dive into my 5 Things Inspiring Me:

1. ARTIST: Hannah Eddy

Hannah is a muralist based in Reno with a playful illustration style. She’s done work for brands like Gnu and Nixon, all while encouraging people to connect with nature. She also snowboards and recently did an interview with The Bomb Hole to talk about her background and inspiration.

Check out her work here.

2. BLOG: Running and Creative Process by Semi Rad

My favorite writer Brendan Leonard recently wrote a clever blog describing how running is similar to the creative process. No one’s forcing you to do it and the reward is in the journey rather than the finish line. This analogy also applies to starting your own business.

Check out the blog here.

3. BOOK: Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday

I recommended this book back in 2019 and I’m re-reading it again. This is perfect for creatives who want to make meaningful products that stand to the test of time. Ryan Holiday shares anecdotes of thriving businesses that focus on bringing timeless creations to the world.

Check out the book here.

4. PODCAST: Kristen from PF Candle Co

Lately I’ve been binging Shopify’s business podcast, Shopify Masters. In this episode, Kristen Pumphrey, owner of PF Candle Co, shares her story on how she started her candle business in 2008 by selling at craft fairs and how she learned to scale her business while getting picked up by West Elm and CB2.

Check out the podcast here.

5. SMALL BIZ: Fatty Mart in Mar Vista

Opened earlier this year by David Kuo, owner of Taiwanese restaurant Little Fatty (also a UCLA alum! 💛💙), this shop is filled with asian cooking essentials and snacks. They even have a selection of Fatty Mart exclusive items including coffee beans roasted by an asian-owned coffee shop, House Roots Coffee.

Check out the store here.

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