5 Things Inspiring Me This Month: December 2022

Happy holidays! šŸŽ…Ā December means busy season for many of usĀ but I hope you'reĀ able to carve out time for proper rest and recovery as we head into a new year.Ā 

Here are 3 Good Things happening this month:

1. I discoveredĀ Miracle at PCH in San Francisco and was FLOORED by how decked out the bar was in Christmas spirit. šŸŽ„šŸ˜ It was my first time atĀ a festive bar andĀ it looks like they have locations around the world!

2. I completed my second craft market at Scholb Brewery inĀ TorranceĀ and loved sharing my artwork with my hometown friends. Huge thanks to everyone who came out!

3. My online shop went live for the holiday season and Iā€™m grateful for the support I received from my community. šŸ™ I closed up the shop for the rest of the year but will be back in 2023Ā with more goodies. Stay tuned!

1. ARTIST: Nick Fairbanks

Nick is an illustrator, animator, and tinkerer based in Atlanta with a magical way of bringing characters and cityscapes to life. Heā€™s illustrated beautiful scenes of San Francisco (seeĀ thisĀ and this) and is now animating his international pieces (seeĀ Paris and London).

Check out his work here.

2. BLOG: The Focus to Say No

Growing up as a people pleaser, I struggle with saying yes to too many things. As we head into 2023 and kick off a fresh start, this article inspired by Steve Jobs is a great reminder to say no more often. ā€œSaying yes consumes time. Saying no creates time.ā€

Check out the articleĀ here.


I started listening to Japanese music this year and The Official HIGE DANdism is my all time favorite pop rock band. Their music gives me My Chemical Romance / Queen vibes. Everything about them - lyrics, vocals, acoustics, music videos, and dedicated fanbase - fascinates me.

Check out their musicĀ here.

4. PODCAST: Domee Shi on Unlocking Us

Domee Shi is a Chinese Canadian animator most known for directing Pixarā€™s Turning Red. She shares her stories of becoming a storyboard artist for Inside out, pitching her idea for the short film Bao, and leaning in on her childhood experiences to develop authentic stories.

Check out the podcastĀ here.

5. VIDEO: The Ocean Cleanup

The Ocean Cleanup is a non-profit engineering organization focused on plastic removal from the ocean. They installed river mouth inceptors to collect waste funneling into the ocean (including one in my city). It's inspiring to see the teamā€™s dedication to improving the quality and safety of our oceans.

Check out the videoĀ here.


Thanks for reading! If you got any value out of this, send me a message or forward it to a friend. You can also check out my previous newsletters on myĀ website.

And here's a friendly reminder to slow down and take it easy. āœŒļø


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