5 Things Inspiring Me This Month: May 2023

Hello friend! 👋 After a quick hiatus, I’m happy to be back in your inbox again. The last few months have been full of life transitions, taking care of myself, and embracing the messiness of life.

I’ll share more soon but in the meantime let’s get back to my regularly scheduled programming of 5 things inspiring me this month!

1. ARTIST: Kelsie Dayna

Kelsie is an Oahu based artist who creates delightful illustrations inspired by the culture and history of Hawaii. I love the local food and people she brings to life in her drawings and she recently did an interview to share her story of being self taught and going from corporate to freelance.

Check out her work here.

2. BLOG: Personal Projects w/Closer & Closer

This summer I plan on giving my portfolio a refresh and I’m currently collecting inspo from other sites. One example that caught my eye is a collection of personal projects created by the artists of Closer & Closer to manifest future illustration work for athletic campaigns with clients like Nike and Adidas.

Check out the blog here.

3. TOOL: 30 Day Calendar by Austin Kleon

II wanted to get back into the habit of daily meditation so I started using this calendar created by Austin Kleon. Something about having a physical printout and the ability to X out each day is bringing me joy while helping me stay accountable and celebrate the incremental progress I’m making.t.

Check out the calendar here.

4. TWEET: How Photography Changed Art

Some days I worry about the future of AI and its impact to the creative industry (btw have you seen Adobe Firefly?!). But this interesting twitter thread on the history of photography and how it liberated artists by creating room to express themselves in new ways made me feel a bit more optimistic. 

Check out the tweet here.

5. TYPOGRAPHY: 36 Days of Type

36 Days of Type is an annual online challenge for designers and artists to create unique interpretations of the letters and numbers of the alphabet. This year I finally completed my own series 🌴 and loved seeing how other designers got creative with setting their own styles and constraints. (See: @radishbubs, @maricasdesigns, @juditzengovari)

Check out the account here.


Thanks for reading! If you got any value out of this, send me a message or forward it to a friend. You can also check out my previous newsletters on my website.

And here's a friendly reminder to slow down and take it easy. ✌️


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