5 Things Inspiring Me This Month: September 2022

Hellooo friends! Long time no talk. I was on a much needed break this summer but I’m back in your inbox again and excited to reconnect. 🙂

The biggest update I have is that after a year of being nomadic, I finally unpacked my suitcase and settled in an apartment in LA. Traveling was fun and I’ll cherish all the memories I made but tbh it also came with a lot of challenges. I’ll share more in a longer post one of these days but for now I’m happy to have a place to call home in sunny Southern California where I grew up.

P.S. I’m on the lookout for good bakeries, restaurants, and cycling/surfing/artist groups! If you have recs or know good people, please send them my way. 🙏

1. ARTIST: Pieter Ceizer

Pieter is a letterer, illustrator, and sculptor based in France. I’ve been a long-time follower but recently fell in love with his work again after stumbling upon this wooden sculpture he released this month. I love that his style is so simple and joyful, and how he experiments with all types of mediums. 

Check out his work here.

2. ARTICLE: Career Advice

In the midst of the spread of quiet-quitting culture, I loved this enlightening article from Derek Thompson that reminds us that our careers don’t define us, and rather than expecting a linear progression it’s more important to have clarity on our personal values and be open to exploring new experiences that align to those. 

Check out the article here.


Back in Sept 2020, artist Chris Judge started a daily passion project where he’d take a random photo of a cloud and draw a happy character on top of it (see: bunny, bear, dog). He's gained quite a following from this project and he recently announced that he’s created a children's book and calendar. So cool!

Check out the project here.

4. PODCAST: Unqualified w/Anna Faris

I listen to this podcast on my runs and it’s almost too difficult to keep playing because it’s SO hilarious. Actress Anna Faris invites all types of creatives on the show to talk about past projects, current interests, etc. Some of my faves are her interviews with Bill Hader, Seth Rogen (2016 & 2020), and Simu Liu.

Check out the podcast here.

5. VIDEO: Everything’s a Canvas w/Emily Eisenhart

Emily Eisenhart is an Austin-based artist/designer who creates gorgeous, colorful murals for Madewell, Starbucks, and many notable brands. In this talk, she shares how she blends her background in design at IDEO and her love for nature to create art, and how she applies her ideas to all types of canvases.

Check out the video here.


Thanks for making it to the end! If you got any value out of this, don't hesitate to reply back or forward it to a friend to share the inspiration. You can also check out my previous newsletters on my website.

Stay healthy and happy friends. ✌️


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