2020 Holiday Gift Guide

2020 Holiday Gift Guide


Looking for last minute holiday gifts? Me too.

Finding the perfect gift can be a difficult task especially when it seems like they have all the things they need. Plus all the sponsored holiday gift guides on the internet seem to feature the same products.

So while I continue to procrastinate on gift purchasing, I thought I’d help you out by putting together a list of unique items that I believe would be great gifts for two types of people: 1) the Maker and 2) the Athlete.

For the Maker:

1. Baron Fig Confidant Hardcover Notebook ($18)

When I started journaling I found this simple notebook extremely handy for keeping my thoughts organized. The hard cover is beautifully designed and I love how the dotted grid pages help me get into a more creative mindset. Click Here

2. Perennial Seller by Ryan Holiday ($17)

This is the book that I gift most frequently to creatives and entrepreneurs. It features an incredible collection of case studies of musicians, artists, writers, and entrepreneurs that have found success through making things that stand to the test of time. Click Here

3. The Process is the Inspiration by House Industries ($50)

This is another book I enjoy gifting, especially to those interested in branding and typography. House Industries is a design studio known for their amazing work with renowned brands like Eames, Heath Ceramics, Jimmy Kimmel, and more. Click Here

4. Ugmonk Leather Mousepad ($50)

I’ve been a huge fan of Ugmonk and its founder, Jeff Sheldon, for years now. Ugmonk is a minimal goods store that produces everything at exceptional quality with simplicity in mind. One of my many favorite objects from them is this leather mousepad. Click Here

5. The Business of Photography Online Workshop by Chris Burkard ($300)

Chris Burkard is one talented, business-savvy photographer. Earlier this year he partnered with Wildist to launch a video course and no joke, I binge-watched the entire things in one day. Everything you need to know about starting a creative business is here. Click Here

For the Athlete:

1. Outer Shell Drawcord Handlebar Bag ($90)

I got this bag from my mom on my birthday and it’s been a game changer for my bakery rides. It’s extremely simple and functional, the various drawstring cords helps to securely store many items (like pastries 🥐) on any terrain. Click Here

2. TrailHeads Running Gloves ($28)

For the early bird runners and cyclists like myself, one of the challenges of exercising during the winter is keeping my hands warm. A pair of gloves with touchscreen finger pads makes everything convenient, like changing music or using navigation on my phone. Click Here

3. Under Armour Stainless Steel Waterbottle ($28)

Sure, there are a ton bottles out in the market. But this is one that I’ve loved and stayed committed to for at least 5 years. Their locking flip-top design is perfect for quick water access while keeping the germs away. Click Here

3. SF Bakery Ride Art Print ($20)

Selfless plug here, but earlier this year I launched a passion project called SF Bakery Ride, an online guide for cyclists looking for the best bakeries in San Francisco. I created a set of cycling jersey art prints inspired the beautiful city of San Francisco. Click Here (Note: Use code “LAUNCHPARTY” for free shipping)

5. Athletic Brewing Non-Alcoholic Beer ($13)

I’ve always loved IPAs but wished I could drink more without feeling the effects of asian glow, bloating, and hangovers. So you can imagine how excited I was when I discovered non-alcoholic IPAs from Athletic Brewing. It’s SO good. Click Here (Note: this is an affiliate link! Use code “CHIET20” for 20% off your next order)

Happy gifting!


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