Free Resource: Mid-Year Check-In Worksheet

Free Resource: Mid-Year Check-In Worksheet

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These last three years I’ve published annual Year in Review’s where I reflect on the previous 12 months to document milestones and share learnings while I continue growing as a lettering artist.

This year, I’m adding something new.

With 2020 being a crazy, unpredictable year I wanted to make time for myself to do a quick check-in rather than waiting until December. I wanted to make some space to reflect on how things are going, be honest about how I’m feeling, and take note of what I’ve learned so far and how I can apply it to the remainder of the year.

Rather than journaling this in my notebook, I put together a quick worksheet in hopes to inspire more people to do the same. The four questions included in the prompt are:

  1. What does your ideal day look like?

  2. What’s something you did during the last 6 months that excited you the most?

  3. What 5 things did you prioritize at the beginning of the year and how do they stack against each other now?

  4. What is one lesson you learned during the last 6 months that you hope to never forget?

Conducting check-ins like these every now and then can help us stay grounded more regularly, and I believe having some space to be more honest with ourselves can lead to a healthier and happier life.

You can use the link below to download and print your 2020 Mid-Year Check-In worksheet at home. Feel free to pass this along anyone else that might benefit from answering these questions.

I even printed a few of these and filled them out with my family as a fun bonding exercise. 😊

Note: This worksheet is for personal use only and cannot be resold or redistributed in part or whole, digitally or in print without my expressed permission. File dimension is standard letter size (8.5” x 11”).


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